To ensure the safety of staff and clientiele, we are not allowing non-staff members in the hospital and continuing curbside service until further notice.

Valerie Schoen, DVM

schoenDr. Valerie Schoen achieved the goal she set as a four-year-old by graduating from veterinary school at the University of Illinois in 1997. She then worked in the southwest suburbs of Chicago before joining the team at Bramer Animal Hospital in 2004.

She has always loved the need for continual learning that a career in veterinary medicine requires. Whether at a large national veterinary association meeting, a local continuing education opportunity or her regular daily check-in on the Veterinary Information Network, there is always new information to be obtained that can improve the quality of care she is able to give to her patients.
Client education is very important to Dr. Schoen, because she believes that an informed owner is an invaluable partner in their pet’s care. She states that treating dental disease is very rewarding, as good oral health makes such a positive impact on the quality of life of her patients. It is very gratifying for her to hear from a pet owner that their dog is “acting like a puppy again,” or that their cat “has become so much more playful after their dental procedure!”

When not at work, Dr. Schoen enjoys reading (often “helped” by her cat, Dottie), cooking (and eating!) and hiking with her dogs.