To ensure the safety of staff and clientiele, we are not allowing non-staff members in the hospital and continuing curbside service until further notice.

2020 Preventative Health Program for Cats

Current preventative health program for cats

Annual Physical Examination and Health Consultation: In addition to doing a complete physical examination, attention is paid to diet, behavior, weight, eating habits, social behavior, and parasite/infectious disease risk factors. 

  • Purevax Rabies a feline exclusive vaccination (yearly or every 3 years)…This is a Cook County legal requirement
  • Feline upper respiratory and distemper (every 3 years for adult cats)
  • Feline Leukemia (yearly if outdoor cat)
Parasite prevention

Heartworm prevention; intestinal parasite prevention and external parasite prevention should be considered in all outdoor cats. Revolution is a topical anti-parasiticidal and should be applied monthly from May until November is recommended

Lab screening
  • Fecal Examination for intestinal parasites is recommended annually for those cats that go outdoors
  • In cats over 8 years old, twice yearly complete examination is recommended.
  • Laboratory screening may be suggested based on the results of the examination and any concerns about changes in overall behavior:
    • to establish a “baseline” for future monitoring
    • or to detect early or hidden disease processes.