To ensure the safety of staff and clientele, we continue to provide the option of curbside service. We will also see clients in person in exam rooms with their pets. However, only 1 person is allowed in the exam room at a time.
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2021 Preventative Health Program for Cats

Current preventative health program for cats

Annual Physical Examination and Health Consultation: In addition to doing a complete physical examination, attention is paid to diet, behavior, weight, eating habits, social behavior, and parasite/infectious disease risk factors. 

  • Purevax Rabies a feline exclusive vaccination (yearly or every 3 years)…This is a Cook County legal requirement
  • Feline upper respiratory and distemper (every 3 years for adult cats)
  • Feline Leukemia (yearly if outdoor cat)
Parasite prevention

Heartworm prevention; intestinal parasite prevention and external parasite prevention should be considered in all outdoor cats. Revolution is a topical anti-parasiticidal and should be applied monthly from May until November is recommended

Lab screening
  • Fecal Examination for intestinal parasites is recommended annually for those cats that go outdoors
  • In cats over 8 years old, twice yearly complete examination is recommended.
  • Laboratory screening may be suggested based on the results of the examination and any concerns about changes in overall behavior:
    • to establish a “baseline” for future monitoring
    • or to detect early or hidden disease processes.