To ensure the safety of staff and clientiele, we are not allowing non-staff members in the hospital and continuing curbside service until further notice.

Health Concerns


No need to worry. We have you covered.

Pet health begins with preventive care. Semi-annual veterinary exams help ensure that your pet’s health is always professionally monitored. Twice a year exams are helpful to diagnose harmful diseases early, improving treatment efficacy and keeping your pet healthy and happy.

Bramer Animal Hospital’s veterinarian-performed physical exams comprehensively assess every aspect of your pet’s health, including:

  • Ear Exam
  • Eye Exam
  • Oral/Dental Exam
  • Skeletal Exam
  • Reproductive System Exam
  • Internal Health Evaluation
  • Neurological Evaluation
  • Cardiovascular Evaluation
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Behavior Counseling

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