Preventative Care for Cats


2018 Preventive Health Program for Cats

When we regularly exam your cat, we establish and maintain a baseline for their health. That way, we’re more likely to identify wellness issues before they’ve progressed very far, perhaps even before your pet exhibits external symptoms. Prevention is easier on your cat (and your wallet!) than treating disease once it’s already set in.

We recommend annual exams for average, adult cats and twice-annual exams for senior pets (pets seven years old and older). Felines with chronic health concerns often require more frequent exams as well so we can help them age in a healthy manner.

Below, we’ve shared our current preventive health care recommendations for your cats. For suggestions specific to your cat, schedule an appointment with your Bramer Animal Hospital veterinarian by visiting our website or calling 847-563-3158.

Current Preventive Health Recommendations for Cats:

Annual Physical Examination and Health Consultation


  • Rabies (we recommend Purevax yearly). This is a Cook County legal requirement.
  • Feline upper respiratory and distemper (every three years).
  • Feline leukemia (yearly if outdoor cat).

Annual Fecal Examination for Intestinal Parasites

This is recommended for outdoor cats and any cats who live with small children.

Heartworm Prevention, Intestinal Parasite Prevention and External Parasite Prevention

This should be considered for all outdoor cats. We recommend monthly Revolution application from May through November. Visit for more information.

Fleas and Ticks

Ticks are more active in the springtime (March, April, May and June). As it stands currently, ticks are rare in cats in our geographic location and unless the cat is traveling to more rural, or more tick-infested areas, prevention is rarely needed. If you have questions about risk of ticks in cats, please call us at 847-563-3158.

Fleas are more active in the summer and fall (July to November). Prevention with Advantage II, FrontlinePlus for cats and Revolution are effective. To make it simple, application of any of these products monthly from June/July to November covers fleas in our area. For more information about these products visit and